The Eiffel Miracle - The Works Of Alexandre Gustave Eiffel

The Works Of Alexandre Gustave Eiffel:

The Universal Store "Bon Marche" in Paris, France.

The Observatory from Nyssa, France – situated in the Maritime Alps, The Observatory from Nyssa was, when Eiffel finished the construction in 1885, the biggest dome of its kind in the world; Eiffel produced the iron structure of the cupola, with the diameter of 22.5 m, which rotates on a ring without friction, which allows 110 tones to be moved by hand.

The Garabit Bridge, France – this viaduct from the Central Massive occupies the second position athe Eiffel Tower in the gallery of technical Eiffel creations; at its inauguration in 1884, it was the highest arch-bridge in the world, rising at 120 m over the Truyère River; the arch of 165 m sustains a railway passage of 564 m.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France – the masterpiece of the genius, the most famous tower in the world, built to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution was constructed between 1887 and 1889 from forged iron. Although shortly ait was finished, it was strongly criticized, the tower became the national symbol twice taller than any other constructions built before. The tower weights 9,tones and it contains 18,000 components assembled with 2.5 millions rivets. It required 230 workers, 100 for the manufacturing of the structures and 130 for the assembling. The total height is 302 m, and in the hot days it reaches even 320 m because of the dilatation.