Josef Stalin and the URSS

Josef Stalin and the URSS Important Dates: 1879 Josef Stalin is born 1917 The October Revolution form Russia brings the Bolsheviks (communist) to power 1918-20 The Civil War Stalin is named General Secretary of the Communist Party. U.R.S.S is formed 1925-29 Stalin becomes the ruler o ... Continuare Megalithic Myth - Stonehenge Stonehenge itself remains a steadfast observer of the world, watching the seasons change from summer to fall to winter to spring and back again thousands of times over. But it also bears witness to movements in the heavens, observing the rhytof the Moon and, more noticeably, the Sun. For most parts of the year, the sunrise can' ... Continuare WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE( 1564-is the world's greatest poet and greatest dramatist, but we know very little about him. Stratford-upo ... Continuare Sun Wu and His Book Introduction: Sun Wu and His Book Ssu-ma Ch`ien gives the following biography of Sun Tzu: [1] Sun Tzu Wu (=Sun Tzu) was a native of the Ch`i State. His ART OF WAR brought him to the notice of Ho Lu, [2] King of Wu. Ho Lu said to him: "I have carefully perused your 13 chapters. May I submit your theory of managing soldiers to a slight tes ... Continuare Teeth - Types of Human Teeth, Tooth Development, Disorders of Human Teeth I INTRODUCTION Teeth, hard, bony structures in the mouths of humans and animals used primarily to chew food, but also for gnawing, digging, fighting, and catching and killing prey. Teeth are the body’s hardest, most durable organ—long abones and flesh have dissolved, archaeologists find well-preserved teeth from hum ... Continuare The Renaissance - Impressionism The Renaissance The Renaissance is usualy defined as the rebirth of painting and literature inspired by classical models,especially those of ancient Greece.The Renaissance lasted from the fito the sixteenth century and its centre was Italy.The great artists of the perio ... Continuare The Generation Game - Teen Suicide 3. The Generation Game Teen Suicide Every teen-ager no matter the color of his skin, his beliefs or his origins is sometimes confused about his life. Some of the youngsters don’t have someone to talk to or don’t feel cotalking to their parents and relatives about their problems and doubts. One of the solutions that t ... Continuare The Great Barrier Reef - Australia 2. AUSTRALIA The Great Barrier Reef Sometimes referred to as the tropical rainforests of the seas, coral reef ecosystems are highly diverse, productive aquatic marine communities. Coral reefs are biogenic deposits formed by coral, marine invertebrates belonging to the phylum Cnidaria and class Anthozoa. Coral are sensible animals li ... Continuare THE PRONOUN - THE PERSONAL PRONOUNS, THE INTEROGATIVE PRONOUN, The Relative Pronouns, The Possessive Pronouns, The Demonstrative Pronouns, The Reflexive Pronouns, The Emphatic Pronouns THE PRONOUN CLASSIFICATION The Personal Pronouns The Interrogative Pronouns The Relative Pronouns The Possessive Pronouns The Demonstrative Pronouns The Impersonal / General Pronouns The Reflexive Pronouns The Emphatic Pronouns The Indefinite Pronouns The Reciprocal Pronouns THE PERSONAL P ... Continuare The structure of the human alimentary canal - The mouth, The stomach, The small intestine, The colon and rectum The structure of the human alimentary canalThe alimentary canal is a long hollow tube which runs from the mouth to the anus .Together with several other organs, including the liver and the pancreas, it makes up the digestive system. The total length of the human alimentary canal is between 5 and 6 m, from anus to mouth. To fit this considerable ... Continuare