English report about teenagers and alcohol

English report about teenagers and alcohol Today I want to talk about teenagers and alcohol. I ´d like to give you some information about the article "Teenage drinking not a problem - yet" taken from the Read on. Researchers find, that English children drink more than other Europeans - new alcoholic drinks may encourage more ... Continuare Essay about the US State COLORADO Essay about the U.S. state Colorado Essay about the U.S. state Colorado Near 1600 Spanish discoverers came to Denver, which is now the capital city of Colorado. Denver was settled by different Indian tribes for example the Sioux or the Apaches. The Spanish gave the whole area the name ´´Colorado´´ (= farblich, rö ... Continuare Filmreview - gladiator filmreview- gladiator This is the content of the film ’’Gladiator’’ set in the USA in 2000 and produced by Ridley Scott. The principal actors are Russel Crowe, Connie Nielsen and Joaquin Phoenix. The movie "Gladiator" is set at the time of the Roman Empire under Caesar. The Roman general Maximus- Rus ... Continuare First World War in Asia and USA First World War in Asia and USA THE BEGINNING OF THE WAR FOR JAPAN AND USA The attack on Pearl Harbor thrust the United States into World War II. The attack had significant and far-reaching political effects on the United States, changing the minds of many who had been philosophically opposed to war or who had taken a passive stance towards the ... Continuare Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra In all his innumerable concerts Frank Sinatra understood it to fascinate the crowd. This incomparable magic was present in all his concerts until to his end. Frank Sinatra was born in New Jersey in 1915 as Francis Albert Sinatra. In his early childhood he was already very interested in music and so he decided to becom ... Continuare Genetic foods face by shopping Genetic foods face by shopping Genetic foods face trial by shopping In our high-tech world, more and more products in our supermarkets and shops are modified with special substances, and also genetic modification is used. Measures to label such genetically modified food clearly have been pushed through by the European Parliament. So the question ... Continuare Global Positioning System - GPS Global Positioning System - How does it work? Topic: GPS / Gallileo: GPS is also known as Global Positioning System Since 1960 GPS is developed by US Navy and US Air Force. In 1978 first satellite in spce. In 1983 the US government decided to open the system for civil usage. 1995: Full Operational Capability, FOC. In 2000 the for ... Continuare Graham Greene - A classic tale of friendship and betrayal Graham Greene - The Third Man A classic tale of friendship and betrayal "Graham Greene was in a class by himself ... He will be read and remembered as the ultimate chronicler of twentieth-century man’s consciousness and aWilliam Golding I. Life of the ... Continuare Happiness Happiness Here are some descriptions of happiness: Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1804-American Novelist said: "Happiness is like a butterfly which you cannot catch: if you sit down quietly it may come to you." Herman Cain, American businessman, fast food millionaire said: "Success is not t ... Continuare Hip Hop Clan most meaning Hip Hop combo off the nineties -> produced new, never released stuff - resulted out of the by rza set up group called "All in together now" – no productions from this time - some gigs on parties and smaller concerts -> won some friends and allied ones for their project -> resulted the wu tang clan (clan ... Continuare