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Elvis Presley -"King of Rock'n'Roll" Today I want to talk about Elvis Presley. I am sure you all know him, but let me show you a picture of him. First I want to teIl you something about himself. Then I will teIl you a man‘s opinion of EI vis Presley. Elvis Presley was born at the eighth of January 1935 in East Tupelo. He was a ... Continuare Endangered species Endangered Species American Peregrine Falcon In 1988, at a site now inundated by Greers Ferry Lake, peregrine falcons reared their young. Over a century passed before fledgling peregrines returned to Arkansas. In June 1993, an environmental team flew to Minnesota and picked up five fledgling falcons. These birds were given a new home ... Continuare English Test Enlisch Test English Test: 3 June 2004 The future I`ll phone you when I get home from work. I want to see Margaret before she goes out. We`re going on holiday tomorrow.I will tell you all about it when we come back. Brian looks very different now. When you will see him again, you will not recognise him. We must do something soon before ... Continuare Ernest Miller Hemingway Hemingway Ernest Miller Hemingway was born at 8 o'clock in the morning in Oak Park, Illinois July 21, 1899. Hemingway was the second of Dr. Clarence and Grace Hall Hemingways six children. He had four sisters and one brother. Hemingway was named ahis grandfather Ernest Hall and his uncle Miller Hall. As a bhis father taught him ... Continuare EU Enlargement EU Enlargement The European Union’s foreign ministers met at Luxembourg at the October the 25th and 26th to discuss enlarging their club. The European Commission proposed to open talks next year with the five Countries: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Estonia, as well as Cyprus. But there are many other countries like Rom ... Continuare Explanation and the future of gene technology Explanation and the future of gene technology Today we are able to influence and add information to the DNA Code. When the scientists will have decoded the whole DNA of an organism, it will perhaps be possible to configure or create this creature as we want it to be. But what is DNA? We can see the genes which consists of DNA in three ways: ... Continuare First Nation First Nation's People in Today's Canadian Society From the very beginning the Indians (now called first nation people) were dealt with as extremely infererior beings by the white settlers. As more people began to populate the new world, the natives were forced off of ther own land and made to live on small plots aloted to them by the gov ... Continuare Florida1 Florida My topic is Florida! My presentation is made up of 3 parts. First I give you some information about Florida, Athat I will talk about Daytona Beach and Finally I will present you Sea World in Orlando. Information about Florida: Florida is a ... Continuare Food Food Food Eating is fun, especially when you are hungry. Most people have a favourite food. Some people enjeating sweet things like chocolate, cake and ice cream.Other people enjsavoury foods like cheese and meat. Food helps us to keep warm. It also gives us the energy to walk talk, run, and the other things we do. Food helps us ... Continuare Future technologies - Gene engineering, Fusion energy, Robots, Space Ships, The internet and virtual reality Future technologies Prognoses of the future technical development Nobody really can say in which direction our science goes. There are so many different subjects that can revolutionise the whole world. Here are some examples of these future technologies: Gene engineering: The scientists think ... Continuare