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Istanbul ,one of the great historical cities of the world, is the only city in the world located upon two continents with one arm reaching out to Asia and the other arm to Europe. Through the city's heart runs the sea channel called the Bosphorus which reaches north to The Black Sea and south to the Marmara Sea.

The channel is in average 2 km wide, near Rumeli Hisar even only 750m.

The name ...

The Elizabethan Era

The Elizabethan Era

Queen Elizabeth I (*1

Queen of England (1558 to1603)

Under her reign England became an economic power


Elizabethan England

5million inhabitants

4/5 of the population lived in the country

London was the trade center of England and had 25000 inhabitants gt791t5263kttr

most of England was covered with forests although the defores ...

Central Park

Central Park

Central Park Central Park is one of the urban wonders of the world, a green oasis in the great concrete, high-rise landscape of New York City. This entirely man-made Park is so naturally part of the Manhattan environment, and a place where all of us can escape from the frenetic rhytthat make New York the most exciting city in the world. Facts Central Park stretches from 59th street to 110th ...

The troubles in Northern Ireland - The Roots of Trouble in History, Aspects of the development in Northern Ireland 1923 to 1969, Aspects of troubles in the 1970s and 1980s, Good Friday

(A) The Roots of Trouble in History

1. Survey of Anglo-Irish relations from the Middle Ages to 1923

Ireland (all or part of it, at various times) was a colony of the English from the 12th century. From the late Middle Ages it was a kingdom, under the same monarch as England, but a separate country. In law and in practice, the Irish government was usually subord ...

Endangered species - American Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle, Gray Bat, Indiana Bat, Ozark Big-Eared Bat, Pallid Sturgeon, Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, Atlantic Salmon

Endangered Species

American Peregrine Falcon

In 1988, at a site now inundated by Greers Ferry Lake, peregrine falcons reared their young. Over a century passed before fledgling peregrines returned to Arkansas. 32

In June 1993, an environmental team flew to Minnesota and picked up five fledgling falcons. These birds were given a new home at the Arkansas Power & Light Company power stati ...

Racism - The world of racism in england England


The world of racism in england

In England racism is wide spread.Homeless people are out of work, haven't got friends, and no future. 4

Thay live on street and sing or play to earn some money to live on.But sometimes they are thieves, and thay very othay are pickpockets.

In our schoolbook (klass 7c) there is a story about a girl and a busker, who sang a song, ...

Referat la limba engleza - Ion Luca Caragiale


Ion Luca Caragiale, bornes on 30 January 1850 (one thousand eight hundred and fitwo) in a little village named Haimanale, near Ploiesti.

He started writing at the end of XIX th century, and his literary work integrates in the realist period, he is one of the biggest dramaturges of the world.

His literary work, composed of "moments and sketches", comedies and one single drama, gives ...

Life on other planets - The ingredients for life, Life on Mars, The moons of Jupiter and Saturn, Life beyond the solar system, Planets beyond the solar system

Life on other planets

Is there extraterrestrial life? No answer to this eternally fascinating question currently exists, but astronomers have gathered a significant amount of relevant information. Bruce Jakosky argues that we have every reason to believe that there could be life elsewhere in the universe. Reviewing the development of life on Earth, he considers the likelihood of comparable processes having taken ...

Henry the VIIIth

King Henry the VIIIth

In Cardinal Wolsey, the king, Henry the VIII, found an adviser who was essentially a transition minister, holding a middle place between an English statesman and a Catholic of the old order. Under Wolsey's influence, Henry made war with Louis of France in the pope's quarrel, entered the polemic lists with Luther and persecuted the English Protestants.

Fish's famous pamphlet shows the s ...

Moll Flanders - Daniel Defoe

"Moll Flanders" by Daniel Defoe

The author:

Daniel Defoe was born in 1660 as the son of a Londoner merchant. In he opened his own business in which he was not successful and went bankrupt in At that time Defoe got interested in the social and industrial changes in Great Britain and Europe. In he wrote his first book. Between 1703 and Defoe worked as a political journalist and theorist for economy. In he inv ...

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