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WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT GREAT BRITAIN, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland lies at the northwestern edge of Europe, separated from the European mainland by the English Channel, the North Sea, and the narrow Strait of Dover. It consists of the formerly separate kingdoms of England and Scotland and the principality of WalesÑwhich are collectively referred to as Great BritainÑand the six countie ...

The Renaissance - Impressionism

The Renaissance

The Renaissance is usualy defined as the rebirth of painting and literature inspired by classical models,especially those of ancient

Greece.The Renaissance lasted from the fito the sixteenth century and its centre was Italy.The great artists of the period, who

Include Michelangelo,Leonardo and Botticelli, were able to paint nature and people with great accuracy.

More than ...

Of Mice and Man, The Pony

Of Mice and Man, The Pony

He was born on February 27th, 1902 in Salinas, California. There he grew up and much of his work draws on his knowledge of life on the farms and ranches of the West. He worked as a reporter, chemist, and bricklayer until his first novel "Cup of Gold" (1921), was published. In 1930 Steinbeck married Carol Henning and they lived near Monterey. He was still a struggling, unknown writer and ...

Festivals - Germany, Sweden, Luxemburg, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Moldova, Denmark, Yugoslavia, France, Romania, Greece, Spain, England, Scotland, Bulgaria, Finland, Switzerland

Neujahr (1 January), or the New Year, is a public holiday in Germany.

During the webefore Catholic Lent, Carnival—called Fastnacht or Fasching—is celebrated in some regions, where people have fancy balls, parades, and other celebrations. In the Rhineland region of western Germany, the first of the five days of Carnival is Weiberfastnacht, or "Women’s Carnival." The tradition is said to have started i ...

South America

South America, the fourth largest of the earth's seven continents (aAsia, Africa, and North America), occupying about 17,819,100 sq km (about 6,880,000 sq mi), or about 12 percent of the earth's land surface. It lies astride the equator and tropic of Capricorn and is joined by the Istof Panama, on the north, to Central and North America. The continent extends about 7400 km (about 4600 mi) from the Caribbean Sea on the ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger



When we think of sports, muscles and titles like Mr. Universe everybody all over the world thinks of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Perhaps he is the most famous Austrian personality we have at the moment. Arnold wasn’t just a Body-Builder, Arnold is also an actor, who played in films like Terminator or True Lies. I think Arnold is an excellent example for The American D ...

About a b- Nick Hornby

About a ba BHornby

1. Author:

Nick Hornby was born in and worked as a teacher before becoming a full-time writer.

His first book "Fever Pitch" enjgreat critical success, it was published in 1992. The film of "Fever Pitch" (with screenplay by the author) was released in 1997. His novels "High Fidelity" and "About a Bwere published to equal critical and popular acclaim.

Nick Hornby lives in Nor ...

Dracula Castle

21st January 2003

Poienari Stronghold

27 km away from Curtea de Arges you can see the ruins of the Vlad the Impaler Domain, known today as Dracula Castle, which are built on a peak, near by the Arges spring, in Romania. It is a steep climb up 1,500 steps.

The Castle lays at an altitude of 850m, protected by abrupt slopes. The historians know the site as Poienari Stronghold, dat ...

California is a land of contrasts

California is a land of contrasts. You can find the highest mountain (Mount Whitney - 4,418 metres) only some miles away from the lowest point on the western hemisphere in Death Valley (-86 metres). The hottest recorded temperature in the USA (56,7°C) was there as well. But it's only hot in the South of California. The North of this state is cool, the middle has got a mild climate (San Francisco). There are lots of Natio ...

The Empire State Bulding

The Empire State Bulding

The Empire State Building The Empire State Building is 381 meters high. It has got 102 floors. Over 4,3 million people are visiting the ESB every year. Located on the 86th floor, 320 meters above the streets there’s a pavillon which consists of glass. On the 102nd floor, there‘s an Open air terrace. If the weather is good, from this tourist points you can see up to 12km far. From the ...

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